About food waste

You might find it weird why we do not have a physical shop – yet. And why we sell only on weekends – for now. The answer is: some of the biggest problems on Earth are food over-production and fighting against food waste, and we decided to do our business differently from the first moment. Because we can.

The food waste on our planet

For weeks I have been thinking about how to summarize the core of our philosophy and sustainable business plans. Then we just recently came across Netflix’s recent series “History 101”. In short episodes, one can go through quickly the biggest global problems effecting our lives. In our case, the most important topics are fast-food chains, food waste and an enormous amount of plastic trash.
There is also an award-winning documentary from 2010: “Taste the waste”. The shortest summary and conclusion of the films is: from the climate change’s point of view, if food waste could be stopped, it would be equivalent to every second car standing still on the Earth.

Our way to limit the waste

Besides exploring new ways of starting a food production company, it was clear for us from the beginning: we will only produce cakes that have been ordered. Although, some amazing initiatives are pointing out food waste (thank you TooGoodToGo, we are huge fans, wherever we go!) – the best way to solve a problem is not creating it.

Every time we planned a photo shooting, we planned friends, their friends, potential client, future collaborators to pick up their small portion to avoid any waste and also use the chance to give people a sample of our product. Although, we are planning an even bigger variety and selection of Cheesecakes, every step we take towards them is considering sustainability instead of a quick and dirty business decisions. It is also clear for us that our business could pick up even faster than it is (we are still more than satisfied!), but Rome was not built in a day either, right?

Thank you to our supporters

To come so far (= our online Cheesecake shop exist!) we have to say thank you to MODUL University Vienna to educate the future business founders and CEOs to take sustainability to the highest responsibility level. And thank you HERD Küche to be Austria’s only co-working kitchen and giving a huge chance for micro- and small businesses to experiment and start-up.

What is our message then with all this? Eat less but make qualitative choices. Order a fresh cake when you know it is going to be eaten. Take responsibility for your choices and decisions. We have one Earth to live on.

With love, Dora

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