First year with an unbelievably tasty project

Beginning of 2020, I got a fantastic opportunity to work with the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). I had the chance to develop a business plan with six very motivated and engaged bachelor students. Just when I met them and promised to feed them with cheesecake in exchange for their ideas and support, the first lockdown started in March 2020 in Austria. Unbelievable…but this happened already a year ago! If you are interested, read more about the project and the institute here:

Besides that, March is a kind of birthday month for Dora’s Cheesecake. Officially I registered my license for cheesecake production on the 1st of January 2020. However, we knew we would start sales and production in April. Markus created the shop in the second half of March, and a friend of ours booked our first official order on the 30th of March 2020. The planning, corona-madness, lockdown, and our life, changing one day to another, fell on us all at once. For that reason, we do not have a “birthday” – and maybe this makes the whole start even more remarkable. So…happy birth-month to Dora’s Cheesecake!

And what about 2021? Talking to others inside and outside of the gastro business shows us what crazy times we live in and what rules and regulations are (still and continuously!) to learn. Till the next birthday (month), we share further on every outcome of the business with you that is available safe and sound. And mostly deliciously!

We celebrate in March 2021 with Classic Cheesecake Special – mainly the creation of our shop and surviving the past year mentally. We cannot be happier to have our existing clients and welcome more and more cheesecake lovers to the club.

With love, Dora

PS. In April we will reveal some product news. Cannot wait to share them with you!

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