• Happy 2022!

    Happy 2022!

    Our growth is slow but steady – maintaining the business and personal values is one of the most challenging things while building your own business. Due to restrictions and unique challenges in 2021, we are still far from all the ideas and plans we originally wanted to represent our cheesecakes. However, everything happens for a […]

  • First year with an unbelievably tasty project

    First year with an unbelievably tasty project

    Beginning of 2020, I got a fantastic opportunity to work with the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). I had the chance to develop a business plan with six very motivated and engaged bachelor students. Just when I met them and promised to feed them with cheesecake […]

  • About food waste

    About food waste

    You might find it weird why we do not have a physical shop – yet. And why we sell only on weekends – for now. The answer is: some of the biggest problems on Earth are food over-production and fighting against food waste, and we decided to do our business differently from the first moment. […]

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