Happy 2022!

Our growth is slow but steady – maintaining the business and personal values is one of the most challenging things while building your own business. Due to restrictions and unique challenges in 2021, we are still far from all the ideas and plans we originally wanted to represent our cheesecakes. However, everything happens for a reason, and it might have occurred for a good reason. #forevermotivated

We remain a zero production waste company – thank you to everyone who understands and follows our path on this road! In 2021 we got requests and orders from the UK, Germany, Lichtenstein, Canada, Brazil and even the Philippines! Further on, we had visitors from 56 countries on our website!

Here’s to a happy and cheesy 2022! We hope to make your days a bit better, sweeter, and happier 🙂

With love,

Dora & Markus

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