Our Philosophy

Why only…? Why not…?

You might find it strange that we do not have a physical store – or at least, not yet. And why you need to order at least 48 hours in advance? The answer is: one of the biggest problems on Earth is overproduction and wastage of food,and we have decided to approach our business differently from the very beginning.

I spent weeks at the beginning thinking about how to summarize our core philosophy and sustainable business plan. Then we stumbled upon the documentary series “History 101” of Netflix. In short episodes, it tells us what are the biggest problems of our time and how they affect us. In our case, the most prominent issue was, of course, fast-food chains and food waste. Also there is an excellent documentary from 2010: „Taste the waste“. The conclusion of the film is: if we could stop wasting food, it would be like every other car in the world was taken off the road.

In addition to finding new ways to open a cake shop, it was clear to us from the very beginning that we would only produce cakes that had been ordered. This way, we can make our contribution without creating another problem. We are also big fans of initiatives like TooGoodToGo (which we have already used in various countries) or like our partner “unverschwendet“.

Every time we have had a photoshoot with our cakes, we have already asked friends or their friends if they would take some of the cheesecakes so they would not go to waste. Although we have more variations of our cakes planned, sustainability considerations play a big role. Of course, we could expand our business quickly if we did not pay attention to these things. But even Rome was not built in a day, and we prefer the slow but steady path.

Thank you!

The products you order from us are made without food waste. Although, unfortunately, we can’t offer smaller portions or individual pieces regularly or at all at the moment, we always try to organize small promotions (see our“Petite 6”) so you can try our cheesecakes.

With your orders you are also understanding and supporting our decisions and we say a huge thank you for that! Let’s take responsibility together for our choices, because we only have one Earth to live on.

With love,
Dora & Markus

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