Frequently asked questions


How can I pay?

We use Klarna and PayPal as our payment providers und offer SOFORT-Überweisung, credit card, or withdraw as payment options.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard.



When will you deliver the cheesecakes after my order?

You can choose in the calendar on which day you want us to deliver the cheesecake. Usually, we deliver between 9 and 12am. If there are greater deviations on the delivery times, we will inform you a day prior to the delivery.

In which areas do you deliver?

Right now we only deliver in Vienna.

Can I pick up the cheesecakes?

Yes, the pickup is possible on the selected day between 9 and 12am. Yes, the pickup is possible on the selected day between 9 and 12am. You’ll find the address here: payment and delivery terms



Do you have lactose free cheesecakes?

Yes, we can offer most of our cheesecakes as a lactose free version, but not all of them.

How many days can I keep the cheesecake after delivery / pick up?

You can keep it in the refridgerator up until 3-4 days to preserve the quality (if there’s still something left). Please keep the cake in the refridgerator after we delivered it to you, or after you have picked it up.

Can I buy any Dora’s Cheesecake voucher?

In the near future! We are looking for a fitting and secure voucher system to protect your data.

Can I order a cheesecake for my wedding?

For special private or corporate events with individual enquiry, please contact us directly:


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