You might find it weird why we do not have a physical shop – yet. And why we sell only on weekends – for now. The answer is: some of the biggest problems on Earth are food over-production and fighting against food waste, and we decided to do our business differently from the first moment. Because we can. The food waste on our planet For weeks I have been thinking about how to summarize the core of our philosophy and sustainable business plans. Then we just recently

It's been now a month since we have opened our online Cheesecake Shop in Vienna. We have planned this for over two years and when we were about ready to start, the COVID-19 pandemic spread over the world. After everything shut down in Vienna, we were not sure if we can start with our business. After some sleepless nights and plan changes every hour – we decided to start as we planned originally: beginning of April. In the first weeks we already had many orders and