About us

About us

Vienna’s first and only online cheesecake shop.

Fresh. Creamy. Handmade.

We produce only what has been ordered. No production food waste.

Small batch aiming to be the best cheesecake in the city.

How does Dora’s Cheesecake work?

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Book your cake at least 48 hours before the desired delivery date.

• You want the cake delivered? It’s possible on the bookable dates within Vienna (delivery fee: 2,90 €). Or pick it up at Dora’s office

Ordered? Your cake is baking and cannot wait to be yours! Enjoy it and see you soon again!

The team


As a frequent traveller and foodie, I love to infuse ingredients from all over the world. That’s how I baked years ago my first “classic” cheesecake, by combining American and British recipies and infusing Austrian ingredients. The result was the cake where my friends and family told me: “It’s sooo good, you should sell it!”. As I was only a hobby-baker, acquiring all the official papers and licences for Cheesecake production required time.

I moved to Vienna in 2013 and met Markus in 2017. My years of studies, networking and baking experiments met his entrepreneurial attitude, professional skills, and continuous gastronomic curiosity. This match put our idea on a fast track and created our shop.

More stories are baking, they just need love, patience and the right amount of cooling time, exactly like the best Cheesecake does.

Markus' profile picture

I‘ve always been a sweet tooth, but better at consuming than actually producing food. One of my hobbies is to do different kind of sports which allows me to eat some more. I‘m not only eating and testing new Cheesecakes with Dora, but I‘m also responsible for the photographs and our website. My many years of experience in photography and IT helped us to accomplish that.

Besides the business, I also love to travel. The farther the better and to try out new kinds of food and see the magnificent places of this world.

We have ideas and plans to last five more years doing this business. Opening our online shop and building the local “Cheesecake Lover Community” is just one of the first ones. We hope, that You, dear future frequent Cheesecake Consumer will be one of the community members.

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